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Since 2009 we have been creating websites for other companies as well for private individuals. In business we pay attention on hard skills, following new technologies and building long-term relations with our partners.

We are focused on practical and most effective techniques and marketing skills wich are compatible with Your business.

Today technologies allows You to iform about Yourc company products and services tousands of people in a very short time. Never before making money online and promoting business world-wide was so simple like today. Your choice is very simple: either You invest money in modern technologies either your competition will force You to do that.

Making money online

    What we cand do? Our specialists and consultants allow Your company to:
  • create effective and modern internet website,
  • prepare graphics and online text,
  • prepare translation for other languages,
  • optimize the code and visual layout,

  • And also:
  • teach: how to acquire clients and turn internet traffic into transactions?
  • show: what are main important technology trends in internet marketing?
  • how to improve visibility of Your website in internet search browsers?

  • We start every IT- project from personal meeting with company/private individual and discuss most important issues connected with the project, further website instalation and effective marketing.

    We pay attention on technical and programming solution for Your company as well as possibilities of enlarging income and number of clients in Internet. Thanks to our expierience and finished projects we focus on most effective and practical solutions.

    Our software id visble for company customers on personal computer, mobile devices and smartphone. Thanks to great optimalization our web pages are visible in the internet and You do not have to spend money to promote Your website. The mobile version of Your website allows You to present data to additional potencial clients and customers.

    Build, grow and boost Your online business with us!

    Our company has a large experience in the field of creating dedicated websites and acquiring vast amount of clients in a short time. Thanks to good and marketing moves we are able to promote effectively other companies in the short time. Our company works closely with subconstructors that propares also special promo movies to real estate companies and promo- videos (sample below).

    Real estate marketing in Poland comprehensive online service.

    We are also working with companies that sell and rent properties world-wide. We publish listings in very popular services together with photos, description and video movie. Our main clients are domestic and foreign developers as well as privte individuals. Our own real estate service allow us to reach vast amount of potential clients.

    Except normal coding we set up company profiles in Social Media services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). In that case our clients have an opportunity to build and maintain long term relation with clients.

    Contact our company: Mobiel: +48-604-978-704 E-mail:

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